Kim Kardashian Has a Lot of Thoughts and Feelings About Marriage

Here's a roundup of them.

It seems that every time Kim Kardashian opens her mouth about marriage—her marriage, other people’s marriages, marriage in general—it generates headlines. (Last week, for instance, it was all about this Guardian interview she gave where she was talking about her divorce, and then worked in a convo she had had with an 18-year-old cancer patient.)

Some of them are deserved, some of them aren’t—but most of them are good for a chuckle,which is why we are sharing this slideshow of some of Kim Kardashian’s chuckle-worthy thoughts on marriage.

If she ever marries Kanye on TV, will you watch? I must admit to you, dear readers, with more than a little bit of self-loathing, that I think I would.

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