Civil Union For Trio in Brazil

Civil Union For Trio in Brazil

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Well this is certainly some unprecedented news coming out of the weekend: Brazil has gone all Big Love on us.

A happy little trio in Sao Paolo—that is, a man and two women—have been granted a civil union by a public notary.

People are, as one can imagine, freaking out, saying it’s completely “void of any legality,” that it goes again Brazil’s constitution, that it’s a slippery slope, etc., etc.—but as the notary points out, all she really did (by stamping them a “stable union”) is formerly recognize that they declare themselves a family. What actual legal rights they’ll end up getting—rights that would come into play in the case of separation or death—remain to be seen.

According to CNN, the notary herself has got an interesting background—she’s currently a doctoral student studying family law, specifically polyfidelitous relationships.

Will be interesting to see how this one plays out.

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