What To Order at 8 Center City Restaurants To Stay On Your Bridal Diet

It's the ultimate cheat sheet.

What To Order at 8 Center City Restaurants To Stay On Your Bridal Diet


We hear all the time from brides (heck, we’ve got a few in this very office right now) that one of the hardest parts of sticking to their pre-wedding diet is the whole going-out-to-eat conundrum: They either try not to go out to restaurants as much as they did before they were in their hardcore get-dress-ready phase—which, let’s be honest, kind of sucks—or they keep going out, but find it hard to order in a way that will keep them on the straight and narrow.

This is why we are sharing this awesomeness.

Our buds at Be Well Philly just put out their (fan-frigging-tastic!) 2012 issue the other week, and in it, they’ve got a fabulous cheat sheet from one of their contributors, Phillies dietician and owner of Healthy Bites, Katie Cavuto Boyle. In it, she tackles the menus of eight Philly restaurants that you most definitely will find yourself at if you live and/or work in Center City—Parc, Distrito, Twenty Manning, Dmitri’s, Zahav, Osteria, A. Kithcen and Fish—and just plain and simple tells us what to order at each place so as to keep to eating healthily.

Of course, if you drink a bottle of wine on top of this and then go rogue with the dessert menu, you’re on your own. But this is seriously, rip-out-the-page-and-keep-it-in-your-purse helpful. Check out the online version here, and then, happy eating! No need to curb that social calendar.

Do you have any tricks for still going out but sticking to your diet? Share your wisdom with the class!

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