10 Wedding Etiquette Rules It’s OK To Break

10 Wedding Etiquette Rules It's OK To Break


Most of the time, because we are not the strictest rule followers in the book, we tell brides that for the most part, however they want to do things—as long as they’re being polite and considerate and thoughtful—is fine. There are some legit things to keep in mind, of course—just last week, we reminded you that you can’t invite someone to your shower who isn’t also invited to the wedding—but, really, obsessing over silly “rules” is just another way you’re going to get bogged down in this whole wedding-planning thing.

That’s why we loved this HuffPo piece about rules it’s totally fine to break! We’re on board with every single one of them—except giving wedding guests the OK to wear white to the wedding. It’s not that we think a lady who wears a white dress to a wedding should be tackled and locked in the coatroom, or anything—it’s just that you can wear any other color to that occasion, yes? So wear another color. You can wear that fab white gown some other time.

What do you think? Which ones do you agree or disagree with?

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