New Honeymoon Trend: Taking Along Your Friends And Family For A ‘Buddymoon’

Do you think the more, the merrier, when it comes to your honeymoon?

New Honeymoon Trend: Taking Along Your Friends And Family For A 'Buddymoon'


So, this idea of a ‘buddymoon’ is actually a thing, now, it seems.

We’ve actually heard of couples before who have spent, even if not all, at least the first part of their honeymoon with friends and family along for the ride, er, trip. Whether they got married in a tropical locale and everyone, including the newlywed couple, just hung around for several days after the wedding, or the newlywed couple, along with a group of their friends and family, actually took off for a getaway location after their Philly wedding, it’s something we’ve seen from time to time. (Though in every case we’ve known of, the couple does spend the second part of the trip romantically alone.)

But across the board, now, this concept is something that seems to be on the rise. In this New York Times article, one expert—a sociologist and director of The National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia—thinks it has a lot to do with what actually makes a post-nuptial getaway extra special these days: “Today, when about 65 percent of couples cohabitate prior to marriage, the honeymoon is less likely to be a major turning point in their relationship,” said Professor Wilcox, who had not heard the term buddymoon. “For them, I think having friends come along is less of a big deal, and in some ways makes it more of a special and exceptional occasion.”

And a bride the author of the piece spoke to who did cohabitate with her now-husband for years before they got married seems to be feeling just that: “The whole flying off, and it just being the two of you—the novelty is sort of gone. It’s more of a novelty to have all those people together.”

We can actually kind of see that point, but we’re still not sure we wouldn’t raise an eyebrow if this sort of thing started to become the norm, instead of the exception. But what do you guys think? Would any of you bring along friends and family on your honeymoon, or at least part of it? Are any of you planning on doing just that? We’re curious to hear your stories!

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