ASK THE EXPERT: How Much More Do Out-of-Season Flowers Really Cost?

We got a florist to straighten this out.


Q: How much will it really increase the cost if I use flowers that are out of season for my wedding, compared to using in-season flowers?

A: Actually, says Petah Bashano, of Petah Bashano Event & Floral Design in Broomall, the whole category of flowers that are out of season and therefore too expensive for some brides’ weddings is shrinking every year: “The list of top-tier-priced flowers is shorter, since the global market has heeded the call for longer floral seasons.” There are a few specialty blooms, such as peonies, hellebore, dahlias and lilacs, that will always carry a premium when out of season, he says—but for the most part, a floral designer who knows the seasons of the world market is your best ally when it comes to arrangements that meet your budget.

So go with your gut, and worry about Mother Nature later.

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