Bride-to-be Blogger Carolyn: Choosing Our Invitations Harder Than Expected


Honestly, picking out invitations was unexpectedly one of the more difficult parts of planning. Maybe some brides are really in to stationary and some just aren’t? Now, I’m not saying that I didn’t care what invites we chose. Like just about every part of this wedding process, I spent quite a bit of time researching our choices. However, it was a pretty hard decision and ended up being a little more involved than it probably should have been.

I wanted something garden-themed, and Chris wanted something simple. We poured over countless invites on websites and ended up ordering quite a few samples online. Some we loved, but were just too expensive, and some just plain weren’t our taste. The biggest disappointment came when we loved one of the invites but found it only came on shiny paper (violating Chris’ simplicity request). When the cost of samples started to really add up, we knew it was time to narrow down our choices, and we finally picked a pretty set with subtle wildflowers and legible font (another of Chris’ stipulations). Choosing letterpress versus digital printing was easy when we saw the difference in the pricetag. I think letterpress is elegant, but I’m just not into stationary that much.

I’m happy that we’ve chosen our invites. Unfortunately, our search wasn’t very prompt or focused so we’re rushing the printer a little bit to get them finished in a timely manner! Lesson learned: Brides, start looking at invitations earlier than the four-month mark! I had no clue making a decision would be so difficult!

Anyone else have a tougher time than expected picking out invitations? How did you finally decide what to go with?



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