Bride-to-be Blogger Alyse: Figuring Out Our Transportation


Now that it’s less than five months to go, we are tackling some of the medium-sized parts of the wedding. Keeping with that theme, we booked transportation.

I only had one major requirement for the wedding party transportation: air conditioning. Also, with a July wedding in mind, I didn’t want a closed, dark limo bus, but rather, something more open. Based on that criteria, we decided that a trolley was the way to go. At one point I thought it might be cute to have a school bus pick us up after the church, like when Kevin and I went to school there … but those are the kinds of ideas that sound a lot better before budgets are made.

The trolley won’t just transport the wedding party—we plan on having it take care of all of our provided transportation for the day. First, it will take the groomsmen from the hotel to the church. Then, it will go to my parents’ house, where it will pick up the bridesmaids and me and bring us to the church. After the ceremony, it will take the whole bridal party out for pictures and then to the reception venue. Because of the gap of time between the ceremony and reception, the trolley will have plenty of time to make a trip or two from the hotel to the reception for the guests who don’t want to drive. And at the end of the night, it will shuttle guests back to the hotel.

According to MapQuest, the hotel and the reception site are only two minutes from each other, so the timing should work out well. This might seem complicated, but I think having one vehicle makes things easier: There is only one company to deal with, and one set of instructions for the day. Of course, all of this day-of-timeline talk has got me really thinking about the actual day of the wedding and how everything will come together … but that’s for a later date.

How did you figure out all of your transportation for your wedding? Did you have various limos and trolleys and shuttles, or did you try to streamline it?


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