Bride-to-be Blogger Alyse: Engagement Gifts?

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My wedding-planning motivation took a break after Dress Shopping Day. I attempted to find some bridesmaids’ dresses (more on that later), but then gave up and decided to put that on hold for a few months. There are plenty of non-wedding activities to keep me busy at this time of year, so I haven’t been stressing much about it—but what I have been thinking about is other people’s weddings. Specifically, engagement gifts.

One of the benefits of planning a wedding yourself is getting to know all of the etiquette details which you can then recall for future friends’ weddings. But, unfortunately being engaged (and writing these blog posts) does not give me all of the answers to wedding-related questions. Because I read so many websites and magazines, I can’t help but know some (too many) random things that non-wedding focused people don’t know—but there are some things that still frustrate me. For example, I am never sure what to get a couple as an engagement gift—or whether a gift is necessary at all.

Over the past few months, many friends have gotten engaged, and I expect that the number will grow as we approach the holidays. When we got engaged, Kevin (half-jokingly) complained that all of the little gifts were for me. I tried to explain how the subscription to bridal magazines, manicure gift certificates and ring holders also benefited him, but he wasn’t buying it. When I asked him what he would want, he suggested an iPad … I think he forgot what we were talking about.

Despite that, I kind of see his point, so I have been trying to think of more appropriate gifts, especially in circumstances where we are closer friends with the future groom. It seems like there are no really good gifts that are budget friendly, groom friendly and wedding appropriate all at the same time. My default has been wine or champagne, and although a consumable gift is usually appreciated, I’d like to think of something a little more permanent.

Does anyone have any ideas for engagement gifts for couples that the groom will like, but that also won’t break the budget?


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