Bride-to-be Blogger Kathleen: Our Big Date

Getting old. It happens to everyone. That realization recently smacked me full-on in the face during an epic battle I was having with gravity in my first yoga class ever. My mind immediately raced ahead to my 30th birthday, and I started thinking about how we should celebrate. Then I remembered: Oh, I know, how about with a wedding?

I always thought I would have an early fall wedding. However, Christian basically hates any season other than summer. So, when it came down to setting a date, I knew we only had a few months to work with. This caused some concern, because I knew summer rates for venues and vendors are typically higher then, but winter, late fall and early spring were totally out of the question. We both wanted an outdoor venue, so that only gave us May through September to choose from. I was hoping for September, but then I realized I didn’t want to wait that long. May was out, because we felt it was too much of a weather gamble, so that left June, July and August. Then, I cancelled out August because, honestly, 98-degree heat with 100 percent humidity is not my thing. That cut us down to June and July, just nine measly weekends. At that point, we cancelled out weekends in early June due to school still being in session (our wedding is on a Friday and two of my bridesmaids are teachers), Father’s Day weekend, and the weekend after July 4th. After looking at what was left from our calendar butchering, we finally decided on June 29th—two days after my 30th birthday.

Most people would probably want to avoid such a thing. However, I’m not much of a birthday person and since I grew up sharing birthdays with my twin, I really didn’t see an issue with the two being so close together. I actually kind of feel lucky, because now I can focus on the excitement of getting married, and shun the feelings of getting older. Christian is worried about a bit of a gift- and event-overload for the years ahead—but I just told him it’ll make remembering all the important dates much easier. Plus, we can consolidate the celebrations with amazing vacations every year, right? It’s a total win-win.

Would you want your wedding scheduled so close to—or on—your birthday? Why or why not?


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