Bride-to-be Blogger Leslie: Designing Our Ceremony

Leslie and Charles, outside the chapel at their alma mater, where they will get married this spring.

This past week, the main focus for the wedding day was on the ceremony. When we went to Pre-Cana last year, we were given a lot of information to help us out with planning out the ceremony itself. This week our big project was to focus on mapping out the hour-long wedding Mass.

Luckily, Villanova made this process super easy for us. We were given a green booklet, which laid out the ceremony for us, step by step, and all we had to do was literally fill in the blanks. Charles and I spent the weekend picking out the readings, selecting our vows and lots of other little details that go into the planning process.

Another fun thing we got to do was ask our friends and family to participate in the ceremony by inviting my uncle, Charles’ aunt, and a close family friend to do the readings. This was a special moment for us, because it was so nice to include those people that are so very important to us to be a part of our special day.

In two weeks, we can apply for our marriage license, and then the final countdown really begins!

How are you going to — or did you — put your personal stamp on your ceremony? Any words of advice for making it extra special?

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