Get Dress-Ready With a Juice Cleanse

A diary of Philly's newest get-healthy remedy ...

I can only imagine that a lot of you brides-to-be have heard about juice cleanses at this point — that is, both in your life in general, and your hopefully-not-too-deranged quest to get in the best shape of your entire young life in order to rock the heck out of your gorgeous wedding dress. They’re used by celebrities, endorsed by celebrities, even created by celebrities, and just generally seem to be a part of the mainstream health-and-fitness obsession these days.

Thing is, so many of them either operate on a messenger-daily-home-delivery kind of deal and aren’t in Philly — or, will ship to Philly, but for an extra million dollars, which isn’t really helpful when you’ve got a honeymoon to be saving for.

Happily, though, Philly is actually home to to a brand new juice cleanse called Catalyst — and my dear co-worker Jenna, our health and fitness editor, was lovely enough to give their cleanse a whirl (along with her somewhat reluctant boyfriend!) and report back on how it made her feel. It’s not going to suck 20 lbs off your hips in a few days — but it just might be that perfect jumpstart (hello: catalyst!) you need for kicking off your plan to get Big Day dress-ready.

If you try Catalyst — or any other juice cleanse — tell us about it in the comments! Other brides are curious to know.

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