Should Fiances Ask The Fathers’ Permission?

Larry Mendte didn't used to be so sure.

A posting this morning by Larry Mendte — just next door on Philly mag’s blog, The Philly Post — got us thinking: How do our readers feel about the time-honored tradition of a nervous, but totally-in-love boyfriend approaching the father of his would-be bride, in order for him to ask for her father’s “permission” — though probably, most would say blessing — in proposing to his daughter?

Larry wasn’t so sure how he felt about being a part of this tradition when his daughter’s longtime boyfriend invited him out to lunch (because, yes, he so knew what was coming) — but the lunch may have just changed his mind. See what, in the end, he finally decided, and then tell us what you think:

Did your fiance or husband talk to your father before asking you to marry him? If he didn’t, what were the reasons? How do you feel about the tradition? Do you think it’s outdated, meaningless and a little sexist? Or do you think it’s lovely, respectful, and a great way for these two men in your life to have a moment of understanding? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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