Eco-Friendly Invites

Two Paper Dolls designer Vanessa Kreckel fills us in on going green with our paper.

Question: My fiancé and I are trying to be as green as we can be throughout our planning process, and we were wondering what our options are as far as eco-friendly materials for our invitations, menu cards — all our stationery? Will it cost a lot more?

Answer: The good news is that there are lots of options for being green when it comes to your wedding paper — and we don’t mean sending out an Evite invitation. “There are several eco-friendly materials available to brides these days,” explains Vanessa Kreckel, owner and creative director of Wayne-based design studio Two Paperdolls. There are different papers that can be used in any creation — whether it is your actual invitations, menu or thank-you cards — that are made up of anywhere from 30- to 100-percent recycled materials. At Two Paperdolls, Kreckel and her crew swear by Crane & Co. cotton papers, as they offer 100-percent recycled cotton paper made with recovered tree-fibers. These fibers come from either cotton ginning waste and/or textile cuttings and even have a bonus: “Not only are these fibers environmentally responsible,” says Kreckel, “they actually make a paper of superior quality.” As for the difference in cost, says Kreckel, it’s a tiny bit more for recycled paper, but not even near enough to be cost-prohibitive. Just talk to your stationer about your eco-chic wishes, and you’ll be able to come up with something that’ll make you — and the environment — happy. — Chelsea Solitrin

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