mayor kenney talking philadelphia trash during a press conference this week

Mayor Kenney to Philadelphia: Knock It Off With Your DIY Home Reno Projects

Plus: Interboro schools official refuses to resign in wake of petition bearing more than 8,000 signatures against her. And Wawa debuts very Happy Meals-like kids meals.

uncle bobbie's

Uncle Bobbie’s Owner Marc Lamont Hill on Anti-Racist Reading Lists and Reopening for Business


A Philly Trashman on Picking Up Your Garbage in the Middle of a Pandemic

Best of Philly 2020: City Life

Best of Philly 2020: City Life

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people not social distancing at the jersey shore on July 4th during the coronavirus crisis

Welp, So Much for Social Distancing at the Jersey Shore Over 4th of July Weekend

Plus: Spraygrounds and the Philadelphia Zoo reopen, and the Phillies are back at the ballpark.

bridgeton new jersey

Land of Hope and Dreams

The troubling disappearance of young Dulce Maria Alavez has obscured a very different story about the South Jersey town of Bridgeton: how Mexican immigrants are breathing new life into it. 

Best Thing: Gritty’s Big Queer Eye Makeover

That navel! Those eyebrows! How do you improve on perfection?


Karens Were Dangerous Before. Now They’re Armed

Karens — racist people who weaponize white supremacy against Black people — have permeated every level of American life, all the way up to the Karen-in-Chief. It’s time to cancel Karen culture.

Wendell Potter on Why America’s Healthcare System Is to Blame for Our Poor Coronavirus Response

The former Cigna insurance executive has been firing off righteous screeds against his old industry on Twitter, outlining just how broken the system is amid the pandemic.

a lawsuit is brewing over the frank rizzo statue in Philadelphia, seen here just days before it was removed

The Battle Over the Frank Rizzo Statue Heads to Federal Court

If you thought that particular fight was over, think again.

Love, Money, Sex, Cheating: The Real Stories of 10 Philly Marriages

Love, Money, Sex, Cheating: The Real Stories of 10 Philly Marriages

An unfiltered, unvarnished look at what “till death do us part” means now.

jennifer weiner, michael nutter with barack obama, ahmir thompson aka questlove from the roots, malcolm jenkins, christopher burch and friends, and stephen starr, some of whom are Donald Trump donors while others are supporting Joe Biden

Here’s How Philly’s Rich and Famous Are Spending Their Political Dollars

From Stephen Starr to Jennifer Weiner to the brothers responsible for ruining suburban landscapes with all those fugly McMansions.

the colonial theatre in phoenixville, one of the pennsylvania movie theaters set to reopen this weekend

Yes, You Can Go See a Movie This Weekend — But You Can’t Eat Inside a Philly Restaurant

Exercising inside a Philly gym is also off the table.


What Do Mayor Kenney’s Past Supporters Think of Him Now?

In the wake of the Mayor’s violent response to the George Floyd protests and his recent budget proposal, we checked in with his former endorsers, and other progressive groups, to find out what they’re thinking today.

the FBI says this photo shows Lore Blumenthal lighting a Philadelphia police car on fire during a George Floyd protest

The Feds Are Playing Hardball With Accused Arsonist Lore Blumenthal

Her attorney calls the situation “absurd.”

philadelphia police using tear gas on protesters, who are filing a lawsuit over the use of tear gas

Philly Lawyers Prepping Massive Lawsuit Against City Over Tear Gas and Other Incidents

“Police and other officials need to be held accountable for these military-style assaults,” says Center City lawyer Paul Hetznecker.

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Beyond Condoms, Cheese Puffs and Beer: How GoPuff Became Essential

Beyond Condoms, Cheese Puffs and Beer: How GoPuff Became Essential

The company is offering a lesson in adaptability and community partnerships during the pandemic.

nurturing friendships

How the Coronavirus Shutdown Rekindled Our Appreciation of Friendship

One of the many things quarantine revealed to us is what deeply social creatures we are — exactly how much we crave interaction with people who aren’t linked to us by blood or law.

keep friends for life

Six Ways to Be a Good Friend for Life

After years of nurturing budding friendships, a Philly preschool teacher shares the secrets to making them last.

make friends

Six Ways to Make New Friends in Philly in 2020

Lots of in-person social engagements remain canceled, but there are still plenty of ways to connect with people who share similar interests.

philadelphia zoo pollinator week

The Best Thing That Happened This Week: The Zoo Goes Greener

A rain garden in the parking lot? You bet — and more!


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