Prankster Hijacks Website of Anti-Trump South Philly Diner

Plus: Wind chills below zero. And Jason Kelce's very pregnant wife is bringing her OB/GYN to the Super Bowl.

south philadelphia's politically outspoken Morning Glory Diner, whose website has been hacked to go to Donald Trump's website

South Philadelphia’s politically outspoken Morning Glory Diner, whose website has been hacked to go to Donald Trump’s website (Photo by Samantha Chapnick via Flickr/Creative Commons)

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The Website for South Philly’s Morning Glory Diner Now Goes to Donald Trump’s Website

Sam’s Morning Glory Diner in the Bella Vista section of South Philadelphia is not your typical eatery. Whereas most businesses tend to stay out of politics, the walls and facade of Morning Glory Diner have, for years, proudly displayed anti-gun and anti-Donald Trump messaging. “If we were in Arkansas, we’d probably have no windows by now,” Morning Glory Diner owner Carol Mickey once told us. Well, the windows may have stayed intact, but some MAGA prankster has sought revenge in a much more 21st-century way.

If you try to go to the website for Morning Glory Diner that’s listed in many news articles and on Morning Glory’s Facebook page, you won’t get lovely photos of the restaurant’s delicious frittatas, bananas foster French toast, or fluffy pancakes, known here as glory cakes. Instead, this is what you get:

a screenshot of what you'll see if you go to the website for south philadelphia's morning glory diner

A screenshot of what you’ll see if you go to the website of South Philadelphia’s Morning Glory Diner

Yes, the Morning Glory website now redirects to the online headquarters of Donald J. Trump, the latter website proclaiming “Official 2024 Presidential Founder,” whatever that means.

“They hacked into my website and changed all the login information and contact information,” explains Mickey, who says she’s not exactly sure when it happened. “And I have no idea how to get it back. I guess I will just have to start all over.”

I asked Mickey if the website hijacking bothers her, beyond just the way it might affect her business.

“It’s just nice to know they are out there thinking about me,” she jests.

Any hacker types out there who can help her out?

South Philly Letter-Writer Gets Overwhelming Response

On Thursday, I told you about Jean Merritt, the South Philly woman who will send a handwritten letter to anybody who asks for one. All you have to do is email her your mailing address and a bit about yourself. Well, since our story came out late Thursday afternoon, Merritt has been flooded with requests, and they keep coming in.

So be patient. She will get to you. And this is not on some first-come, first-served basis.

“I’m answering the most compelling requests first,” she tells me.

Want to Talk to Gritty?

Thanks to AI, now you can. Sort of.

Talk About an Exciting Super Bowl

Jason Kelce’s very pregnant wife isn’t watching the Super Bowl at home. She’ll be at the game, and she’s bringing her OB/GYN just in case. She’s at 38 weeks. Anything could happen. So if the baby is born at the Super Bowl, what’s the name?

Speaking of the Kelces

Travis Kelce, who will be playing in the Super Bowl against his brother, seems to be well aware of the Curse of the Rocky Statue:

Forget About that Silly Groundhog Named Phil

Let’s go with the much closer Harleysville Hank:

After all, Punxsutawney is basically Steelers country.

And Because We Can’t Let Go of This Stupid Groundhog Thing

Bob Casey in an attempt to be funny, I guess:


Wind chills below zero.

So Much for Haddonfield Being Quaint

A Haddonfield man allegedly paid $20,000 in Bitcoin to have a 14-year-old killed.

And from the Counting-Down-the-Days Sports Desk …

Next weekend is the BIG weekend, but there’s lots going on this weekend, too. Tonight, the Sixers take a trip to Texas to play the Spurs at 8 p.m.; on Sunday, they’ll host the Knicks at six.

Guess who’s NBA Eastern Conference Coach of the Month:

And Player of the Month!

Joel also came to the defense of James Harden, who wasn’t named to the All-Star Game despite some league-leading stats:

In college hoops, it was a thrilla in the Daskalakis Center last night as the Drexel Dragons came from behind to within one point of the College of Charleston Cougars in the closing minute, went ahead by one on a LONG two with three seconds left, then held on for the 70-69 win!

Tonight Columbia plays at Penn at 7 p.m. Tomorrow, we’ve got Drexel at Monmouth at two, Cornell at Penn at six, and Villanova vs. Creighton at 7:30. And on Sunday, La Salle and St. Joe’s face off at noon, and Temple is at home for a rematch against currently third-ranked Houston at 6 p.m. Can they pull off a second giant-slayer upset? We believe, Owls! We believe!

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