The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Statesmanship on a Roll

Finally, somebody gets to the meat of the matter.


We’ll always remember the coronavirus pandemic as the time the Steak-umm Twitter account emerged as a force in the fight against misinformation.

There have in the past been moments when otherwise obscure social media accounts ascended, or were pushed, to greatness. We’re thinking of Dan Drezner’s recurrent Toddler-in-Chief Twitter thread, subtly salty current-events subtweeter Haggard Hawks, the giddily weird Museum of English Rural Life. (“I’d like to see the chicken in the trousers, in the trousers, with the trousers” — wha?) But we must confess: We never saw this one coming. Lately the Twitter account for Steak-umm — the West Philly-born thinly sliced steak-sandwich-innard inventor and purveyor since 1969 — has risen from obscurity to rule the internet via its Twitter account.

Amongst a sea of postings on mundane meaty matters (“they always ask ‘where’s the beef’ but never ‘why’s the beef’”; “angus please come back we had a family together”), the Steak-umm Twitter catapulted to the tippy-top of the social media heap via a feed of such surpassing sincerity and sweetness (“it’s impossible to keep up with the latest facts, relevant news, and still be a loving, available person with a job. misteaks will be made. that’s ok”) that thunderstruck observers — even the vegan ones — fell in love and penned paeans:


By gum, we think we have some of those in our freezer, way in the back! We’re gonna dust them off and fry them up with some onions tonight. Thank you, oh great frozen meat social media star! And Steak-umm bless!