The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Baseball Again. Thank God.

It’s just what America — and Philadelphia — needs in this darkest hour.

phillies spring training

Bryce Harper — and the rest of Philly — is hoping for a better season this time around. | Photo of a Phillies spring training game in 2019 by Chris O’Meara/AP Photo

On Wednesday, Phillies pitchers and catchers held their first season workout in Florida under new manager Joe Girardi. The rest of the team is due to show up next week; the preseason schedule leads off with a game against the Tigers on February 22nd. And boy, we have to tell you: We are ready for this. After all the Sturm und Drang the Sixers have put us through lately, not to mention the concussive end to the Eagles’ season, we’re more than ready for baseball, the sport of innocence and purity.

We mean. This nation needs a sport that’s never seen the taint of conspiracies to cheat or gamble. That hasn’t been blemished by rumors of steroid or illegal drug use. Where wife and family have always meant something, dammit. Where we can be sure world championships get won fair and square. When the rest of our lives are roiled by climate disaster, pestilence, disease, venalitystupidity and general bad form, we’ve really missed the Great American Pastime. Baseball, it’s great to have you back. May you never change, just like this great nation of ours.