You Can Now Get Geno’s Steaks Delivered Straight to Your Home

Geno's is catching up to rival Pat's King of Steaks, which has been available through UberEats for about two years. Finally, you can have a taste-test party in the comfort of your home.

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You can now get Geno’s cheesesteaks, roast pork, cheese fries and more delivered through UberEats. | Photo by travelif/

You no longer have to wait in line at Geno’s to get one of the restaurant’s famous cheesesteaks — or even visit the South Philly business, for that matter.

The famed cheesesteak shop is now available through UberEats, so you can sit back, relax, and get it delivered straight to your home in a jiffy.

The menu includes all the usuals: a cheesesteak, a regular steak, a steak milano, a pizza steak, a mushroom steak, a roast pork sandwich, fries, cheese fries, a 5oz bottle of hot sauce … the list goes on.

For the record, Geno’s rival, Pat’s King of Steaks, has been available through UberEats for about two years now. In fact, the regular cheesesteak from Pat’s was the second-most ordered sandwich through UberEats in Philly in 2017. (The first was a McChicken from McDonalds … come on Philly. We’re better than this.)

It’s sort of strange to think that now, tourists who want to decide whether they prefer Pat’s or Geno’s no longer need to visit either location — they can just hang out in their hotel or Airbnb or wherever they’re staying, get them delivered and have a taste-test party.

One thing’s for sure, though: That experience certainly isn’t the same as sitting under the neon lights on Pat’s and Geno’s plastic-coated picnic tables, at the noisy, rambunctious, very-Philly corner of Ninth and Passyunk, while the scent of whiz wafts through the air and you and everyone around you pigs out in total bliss.