Inspiration Point: DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Favorite Place

Philly native and hometown DJ on the eternal appeal of Fairmount Park’s Belmont Plateau.

dj jazzy jeff fairmount belmont plateau

An unidentified horseman at the Plateau | Photograph by Matt Stanley

Each month Philadelphia magazine asks notable Philadelphians to share their favorite spots in the region. This month, we go on a stroll with record producer, comedian, and actor DJ Jazzy Jeff.

First visit?

Back in the ’80s. There’s a hut at the top that sells hot dogs, hamburgers. They’d offer electricity to DJs who’d climb on the roof, set speakers up, and people would come out and dance.

Why Belmont Plateau?

The Plateau has an incredible view of the skyline. It turned into the place where you would go if you had a girl that you liked: You’d sit up there, turn on the slow jams, and look at the city.

Best thing to do there?

The Plateau taught us how to chill. On Sundays, you just parked, you had a cooler with some food, everybody would sit on top of their cars and people-watch.

Best time to go?

There’s nothing like a sunset view.

Published as “Inspiration Point” in the August 2018 issue of Philadelphia magazine.