The Best Thing That Happened This Week: La Salle’s New Campus Hero

How do you stop a bank robber? Go all Syrio Forel on him, naturally.

So on Tuesday morning at 11:50, a man entered the Beneficial Bank in the Shoppes at La Salle in Logan and, according to this safety alert later issued to students at the university, yelled, “This is a robbery!” Whereupon the bank security officer on duty told him, “Not today” and escorted him out of the bank. As the safety advisory noted, “Nothing was taken, no weapon was shown and no injuries were reported.” Oh, hero for this and all ages! Whoever and wherever you are, Beneficial Bank security officer, we rest easier in our beds knowing that dudes like you are out there, coolly and calmly foiling evildoers with Clint Eastwood-like brusqueness. You’ve given righteous people everywhere a new rallying cry. Hey, Donald? Not today.