Surprise: Stormy Daniels Is Dancing at the Penthouse Club This Week

Her just-announced appearance at the Philadelphia strip club follows her much-talked-about “Saturday Night Live” cameo.

stormy daniels

Image via Glenn Francis/Wikimedia Creative Commons

Back in March, we told you that adult entertainer Stormy Daniels would be doing her thing at Club Risque in November, but now we’ve learned that she’s going to be performing at the Penthouse Club on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

The just-announced Stormy Daniels appearance at the Penthouse Club on Castor Avenue is scheduled to take place a couple of days after she made headlines for her surprise cameo on Saturday Night Live.

Later this week, Penthouse magazine will release a special Stormy Daniels collector’s issue, so she’s doing a publicity tour — as if she needs more publicity — at four Penthouse Club locations around the country, with Philly being the first.

Lucky us.

According to a source at the Penthouse Club, Stormy Daniels will perform two shows on Monday and Tuesday beginning at 10 p.m., and the first 100 guests each night will get a free copy of the new magazine before it hits newsstands on Wednesday.

The Penthouse Club isn’t selling advance tickets for the Stormy Daniels performances. But you can secure a seat — should you wish to spend your evening watching the Stormy Daniels circus live and in person — by making a bottle-service reservation. The minimum cost for that is $400, which covers up to four people with reserved seats and a bottle of lower-end liquor like Jim Beam or Gordon’s gin. If you want Ketel One, it’s $500, and if you just have to have Ace of Spades champagne, you’re looking at $1,100 for up to four people.

According to a rep for the Penthouse Club, Stormy Daniels won’t just be dancing — she’ll also be doing meet-and-greets with fans. Selfie time!

Meanwhile, the Stormy Daniels/Donald Trump fiasco continues to unfold. On Sunday morning, Rudy Giuliani represented Trump’s side on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, and that interview was followed by a chat with Michael Avenatti, who is representing Stormy Daniels.

When will it all end? Not soon enough.