Cow Escapes Old City Nativity Scene Twice, Makes a Run for It on I-95

We've rounded up some of the best photos and videos of Stormy the cow's escapades.


Photos via 6ABC Action News

Forget Rudolph – Stormy the cow is going down in history.

This morning, Stormy, a brown and white bovine belonging to Old First Reformed United Church of Christ in Old City, broke free from a nativity scene and made a run for it on I-95.

She first escaped around 2 a.m., and shortly after, police found her wandering on I-95 southbound, near Callowhill Street, in Northern Liberties.

Officials were able to corral the cow and return her to the nativity scene pen, a display that dates back to 1973, per 6ABC.

But because one adventure wasn’t enough for Stormy, she escaped again around 6:15 a.m. this morning. Church pastor Michael Caine tried his best to stop her on her way out but was unsuccessful, per footage via 6ABC.

This time, police eventually found Stormy and Caine on the upper floor of a parking garage near the church. They were able to bring her home once again.

6ABC recorded Stormy safe at the nativity scene between her escapades, appearing either extremely unhappy or deep in thought, as if assessing where she went wrong and planning her next breakout.

We hope you find peace, Stormy.