Believe It or Not, We Could Get Snow This Weekend

Granted, it will probably be a slushy, wintry mix – but still the first flurry of the season.

Today, it’s hard to believe it’s December. The air is balmy; the high is 62.

But don’t get too comfortable – forecasters are predicting snow in Philly’s (near) future.

Overall, we’re in for colder temps. Highs will drop to the 40s this week, starting on Wednesday. With the cold, the city could see a wintry mix (a.k.a. rain and snow and/or slush) on Friday, according to the National Weather Service. The organization is foreseeing a high of 39 degrees on Friday, with a 30 percent chance of precipitation after 4 p.m. After 7 p.m., when the temperature starts to dip, we’re even more likely to see flurries.

There’s also a chance of snow showers on Saturday night – when the low is expected to settle around 27 degrees Fahrenheit. The chance of precipitation then is 30 percent.

Last winter, we didn’t see snow until early January.