Here’s a Map of When Pennsylvania’s Leaves Will Reach Peak Color

This fall's foliage season is shaping up to be spectacular, per the state Bureau of Forestry.


When to mark your calendars for leaf-watching, via the Pa. Bureau of Forestry

It’s leaf-peeping time again.

The Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry has released its first fall foliage map, revealing when leaves in the Keystone State will reach peak color. 

According to the map, optimum leaf-watching time for counties in southeastern Pennsylvania will occur just before Halloween, between October 24th-30th – so mark your calendars, because “this fall’s foliage season is shaping up to be spectacular,” per the bureau.

Leaves on some trees in our region are already beginning to change. The bureau says to keep your eyes peeled for bittersweet and black walnut trees, as well as ash (for yellow leaves) and staghorn sumac (for orange).

For the best nearby foliage views, check out these five Philly-area hikes this fall. If you’re a serious leaf-peeper and planning a road trip to the Poconos, consider a drive to Susquehanna county (where maples are already standing out), to Ricketts Glen or along Rt. 115 to Long Pond Road and Kuhenbeaker Road.

You can also visit the Bureau of Forestry’s interactive map of the best places to peep leaves in Pennsylvania – which, according to the bureau, has a “longer and more varied fall foliage season than any other state in the nation.”

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