Dick Yuengling Supports Trump, and Beer Fans Aren’t Happy About It

After Eric Trump visited America's oldest brewery, beer fans found out that Yuengling’s owner supports Donald Trump. Now there's a Yuengling boycott brewing.

Photo by Flickr user Chris Waits

Photo by Flickr user Chris Waits

The son of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump stopped by Yuengling’s Pennsylvania headquarters Monday, and for some, the result was disturbing.

First, Eric Trump held a short press conference at the Pottsville company, during which he attempted to convert Yuengling-drinkers to Trump-lovers. According to the Reading Eagle, Trump called the country’s oldest brewery “an amazing American success story” and likened it to many businesses that he said would have the opportunity to thrive under his father, President Trump.

And then 73-year-old company-owner Richard “Dick” Yuengling Jr. told Trump that “our guys are behind your father,” according to the newspaper. “We need him in there.”

It’s not really a surprising response from Dick Yuengling, a known conservative who’s been notoriously tough on union employees and was a delegate for George W. Bush at the 2000 Republican National Convention. In fact, the beer was reportedly banned from the inauguration of Democratic governor Tom Wolf.

Still, Yuengling fans are less than enthused at the news, especially state Rep. Brian Sims.

Sims, a self-professed 17-year Yuengling drinker, vowed off the beer for supporting what he called “an agenda that is anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT, anti-racial minority and anti-equality is best for them, and that tells me all I need to know about what they think is best for their own customers.”

When his post flooded with backlash, Sims took it upon himself to troll.

Sims isn’t alone. Since Yuengling has come out in support of Trump, many beer-lovers have denounced it.





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