Racist Male Model Bryan Christopher Sawyer Speaks: “I Gotta Be Me”

He's neither crazy nor apologetic. He is, rather, an unrepentant racist.

Philadelphia male model Bryan Christopher Sawyer. (Facebook)

Philadelphia male model Bryan Christopher Sawyer. (Facebook)

With Philadelphia in shock over video we published on Friday morning showing male model Bryan Christopher Sawyer unloading racial slurs against an African-American woman outside of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts on Thursday, Sawyer has finally responded to a request for comment from Philadelphia magazine. And he’s not apologizing.

“I gotta be me,” Sawyer told us in reference to the video, which he recorded and posted himself. “Even when it hurts.”

This is the original video:

Sawyer has also been responding to Facebook commenters with more racially offensive posts and slurs. The photo of him with the Confederate flag is one he shared in response to a commenter after our original article was published, and he also posted a photo of a gorilla that he compares to the woman in the video. He shows no signs of slowing down.

Until Thursday, Sawyer was a contracted art model at PAFA. The school says that after the incident, he was immediately removed from campus and banned from returning to the property.

We’ve also obtained a copy of a video that Sawyer recorded and posted that shows his earlier encounter with the same woman, who has yet to be identified.

In the video we showed you on Friday morning, the woman doesn’t engage Sawyer much as he’s shouting the most horrible things at her, but during this earlier incident, she had a lot to say to the bigoted thug, and PAFA security got involved.

Here is that video in full:

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