The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Springsteen Signed a Fifth-Grader’s School Absence Note

Why didn't we think of that?

So back on September 7th, Mike Fenerty took his son Michael to Bruce Springsteen’s show at Citizens Bank Park. You remember that show — the one that went on for four hours and four minutes? Springsteen’s longest-ever U.S. show? That was also Michael’s first day of fifth grade at Masterman. Despite all that excitement, Michael enjoyed grooving to “Spirit in the Night and “Born to Run” so much that when he heard The Boss would be signing his new memoir at the Free Library, he begged Mike to take him. Only problem? That would mean missing school. “Why don’t we just get Bruce Springsteen to sign my excuse note?” Michael asked his dad.


But Mike and Michael showed up for the signing on Thursday, and at the meet-and-greet, Michael whipped out a pre-typed absentee excuse note and a pen and asked The Boss to sign. Naturally, The Boss did. (That’s why he’s The Boss.)

The school got a photocopy. The principal has since suggested to Michael that he hand over the original. “He’s ready to take his first detention,” Mike says of his son. But we think Michael will be okay. He and Dad snagged two signed copies of Springsteen’s book—and are donating one to Masterman’s annual fund-raiser auction.

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Editor’s note: This article has been corrected to clarify the order of events.