WATCH: Jon Dorenbos Kills It on America’s Got Talent Last Night

The Eagles’ long-snapper wowed the judges and audience with a football and map trick.

Philadelphia Eagles long snapper Jon Dorenbos appeared again on America’s Got Talent last night, and he did not disappoint. Using a fast-patter — as if he’d just done a rail of coke before going on stage — he had the judges long-snap footballs onto a map of the United States. (Heidi Klum delivered a perfect snap; Simon Cowell missed the map entirely.)

He then went through a convoluted shtick that seemed to be mostly misdirection — he made some “mistakes” during it, always a solid magician’s trick — before he pulled out a map from inside a notebook he’d given Howie Mandel. The map had the exact places where the four hosts had thrown their footballs!

But that’s not all. After the crowd went wild and the judges struggled with how Dorenbos did this trick, he delivered his closing line: “My name’s Jon Dorenbos, peace out baby, go Birds!” Jon Dorenbos may not be From Here, but he ends sentences the same way people born in this city do.

Later, longtime talent show judge Cowell said it was perhaps the best performance he’d ever seen. And this guy’s seen Sanjaya! The second night of America’s Got Talent this week is tonight.

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