DNC Donkeys Make Their Last Stand

Most will be shipped to their delegations for display soon.

All good things eventually come to an end, and the DNC Donkeys are no exception. The DNC Host Committee announced today that they would begin disappearing in the next few days, most of them to a permanent home with their respective delegations.

The 57 colorful fiberglass donkeys, in case you somehow missed them, were scattered around town for the DNC. Each one had several components provided by the specific delegation it represented.

The donkeys also gained significant traction on social media. According to the Host Committee, the program generated about 2.5 million impressions on Instagram and a potential reach of about 36.8 million people on Twitter.

Additionally, 2,213 people participated in the scavenger hunt, which stretched all the way from the Navy Yard to Center City. 57 people were able to find all the donkeys.

Two winners were announced from the scavenger hunt, too. One of them, Elena Cupingood of Center City, said that she liked the “challenge of it, the adventure,” and that she “became obsessed with it.” Cupingood’s prize included tickets to local pro and college sports teams.

“I love to see when art stirs up this kind of excitement and enthusiasm,” said Jane Golden, executive director of the Mural Arts program, which helped facilitate the program.

But the donkeys are slowly disappearing. Most — but not all — have been claimed by their delegations and are waiting at their locations to be shipped. The donkeys representing New York, Connecticut, Guam, Puerto Rico and American Samoa were unclaimed as of this afternoon, according to the host committee. Aside from wear and tear, and a few political pranks, all of the donkeys emerged relatively unscathed. They’ll be taken into storage on August 23rd.