SEPTA Suspends Pay-on-Board Option for Some Trains at Center City Stops

Starting Monday, passengers boarding at Center City stops during the evening rush must pay before entering the train.

SEPTA Regional Rail commuters might want to leave five minutes earlier to catch the train next week.

Starting Monday, passengers boarding Regional Rail trains at Center City stops must purchase tickets or passes ahead of time if they plan to depart between 3 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Affected stops include 30th Street Station, Suburban Station, Jefferson Station, Temple Station and University City stations, where SEPTA employees will check to make sure all passengers carry either passes or tickets before allowing them to board.

Officials are hoping the change will prompt smoother commutes and less wait time in the wake of the commuting crisis that unfolded earlier this month after SEPTA pulled a third of its Regional Rail fleet out of service and heavily adjusted its schedule.

The fiasco has resulted in overcrowded trains on which conductors don’t necessarily have the time to ensure that all passengers have paid. Requiring passengers to pay beforehand would ensure that all fares are paid.

SEPTA officials did not say how long the suspension will remain in place.

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