DNC CELEBS: Anthony Weiner Wears (Red) Pants, Trump Pal Erin Elmore Infiltrates

Plus: Eric Holder and his wife look positively bored at BET's party at CODA.

Left: Who the hell gave Trump pal Erin Elmore credentials for the DNC? Right: Anthony Weiner thinks red pants are the way to go.

Left: Who the hell gave Trump pal Erin Elmore credentials for the DNC? Right: Anthony Weiner thinks red pants are the way to go.

In the July issue of Philly Mag, red hot Rittenhouse mama and former Apprentice contestant Erin Elmore told us that she had taken a job with the Republican National Convention and was bucking for a gig in the Donald Trump White House. And now that the RNC has wrapped up in Cleveland, she’s back in Philly infiltrating the Democratic National Convention.

“Everything has been a frigging snooze,” says Elmore, who found her way into the DNC on Tuesday night. “In Cleveland, everything was so much more fun.”

Are we seriously expected to believe that a bunch of Republicans in Cleveland are more fun than a bunch of Democrats in Philadelphia? I mean, we’ve got senators scarfing down cheesesteaks and Anderson Cooper working out in a Gayborhood gym.

“Much more fun,” parries Elmore. “CNN has some grill here where people are hanging out. A grill. In Cleveland, they had these amazing salads and rosés. Here, it was like boxed Chardonnay all the way. A really small bowl of hummus? Really? In Cleveland, the Hill party had scallops and risotto. Here, it’s danishes. There were fried frigging egg rolls last night. My three-year-old could throw nicer parties.”

Well then. Still, it doesn’t look like she was having too awful of a time, based on these photo booth shots from the CNN grill that she posted on her Instagram.

Anthony Weiner Wears (Red) Pants!

A Philly Mag source sneaked into some party at the Cadillac Club at the DNC on Tuesday night and quickly spotted none other than disgraced sexter Anthony Weiner, who is saying of late that he would beat Donald Trump Jr. like a “rented mule” if the two ran for mayor of New York. And what a circus that would be.

While most of the men at the party were wearing your standard DNC party attire, Weiner made a most conspicuous choice: red pants.

“Like Nantucket red but redder,” says the source. “After all you did, you’re shopping red pants at the convention when Bill Clinton is speaking? It’s classic ‘look at me’ behavior.”

If anyone got sexts from Weiner while he was at the DNC last night wearing (or not wearing) his red pants, drinks on us.

Eric Holder, Wife ZZZ at CODA

BET hosted an exclusive, invite-only DNC party at Walnut Street nightclub CODA on Tuesday night, and no one looked more bored than former United States Attorney General Eric Holder and his wife, Sharon Malone. District Attorney Seth Williams and Michael Nutter hobnobbed there as well.

Brian Roberts Likes Cheesesteaks, Too

The Comcast CEO turned up at South Philly stalwart Geno’s Steaks. So did David Schwimmer of Friends fame and Fox News guy Chris Wallace. Speaking of Fox News, smart network babe Kirsten Powers eschewed the ever-so-popular La Colombe for Elixr, which, frankly, has better coffee. She was there with star New York Times Magazine political reporter Robert Draper (they’re an item). And Julian and Joaquin Castro, aka The Castro Twins, were getting caffeinated there as well.