Video: Woman Threatens Barista at B2 Cafe Over Cell Phone Incident

She appears to say that she's going to bleach the young woman's eyes and then kill her.

Keep all products containing bleach away from the woman seen here.

Keep all products containing bleach away from the woman seen here.

It’s been quite a week down at a certain coffee shop in South Philadelphia. First, we told you about The Cell Phone Incident at B2 Cafe, which… Oh, you better just go read the story here. Then we called B.S. on the whole situation. And now, we’ve obtained surveillance footage of a woman threatening the barista involved in the original debacle.

Shortly after the offended mom and her friends left the B2 Cafe on Tuesday night, the woman seen above arrived. At first, she seemed relatively calm and quiet as she engaged a tattooed male employee in conversation at the counter, but then she went positively apeshit.

We’re only able to show you a version of the video without sound, but we were able to listen to the audio portion of the footage. As you’ll see in the video, the woman grabs a bottle of spray cleaner from the barista’s hands. As best as we can make out, the woman appears to threaten to bleach the barista’s eyes and then kill her. And at one point, she’s screaming something about a “mental patient” as the male employee physically removes her from the cafe. Police were called shortly thereafter.

When we spoke to the cops about the incident, they indicated that there wasn’t much to report. As they put it, there was just a verbal altercation between a waitress and a customer over a kid and a cell phone. But it seems to us that when someone grabs a bottle of spray cleaner and threatens to use it on you, that’s a little more than just a verbal altercation. Then again, this is South Philadelphia.

Also notable in the video: The barista’s amazing kitten shirt, the fact that she doesn’t seem to break a sweat in the face of all that aggression, the dude at the table who doesn’t even flinch, and the way that this video basically summarizes” New Philly vs. Old Philly” in under two minutes.

Watch below:

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