DNC Will House Student Interns at Temple This Summer!

The party will be at Temple's swanky new Morgan Hall in July.

Morgan Hall. Photo | Temple.edu

Morgan Hall. Photo | Temple.edu

If you’re young, hot and wonky, Temple’s main campus will be the place to be this July. The university has announced that Morgan Hall, the swanky new dorm at Broad and Cecil B. Moore (it has, among other amenities, a 30,000-square-foot landscaped courtyard, flat-screen TVs and killer views of the city), will be home to 200 student interns attending the Democratic National Convention.

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Studies chose Morgan for housing partly because its location right on Broad Street provides easy access to the subway, which will whisk wide-eyed Wisconsin and Wyoming whippersnappers straight down to the Convention Center and Wells Fargo Center, where convention events will be held.

Said whippersnappers will be shelling out $4,700 apiece for the experience, though there are scholarships. Temple, for example, is funding 10 interns for the Democratic convention and five for the Republican equivalent, which is in Cleveland, Ohio. (Guess only half as many kids are interested in seeing the very temporary home of Johnny Manziel.)

The Temple News story on Morgan Hall’s selection contains the following line: “Interns will take classes, attend seminars and informational discussions with experts in politics and work with the party in the afternoon.” Somehow we keep leaving “work with the” out every time we read that.

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