Trump Fires Back, Calls Nutter “Crude Dope” “Who Is Doing a Terrible Job”

After taking a few potshots from the mayor for his call to ban Muslims from entering the country, the Republican front-runner takes some of his own on Twitter.

Donald Trump | a katz / Michael Nutter | Jeff Fusco

Donald Trump | a katz / Michael Nutter | Jeff Fusco

Yesterday, Mayor Michael Nutter had a few choice words for Donald Trump during a news conference concerning the desecration of the Al-Aqsa Islamic Center mosque in South Kensington.

They included “asshole,” “madman” and “danger to society.”

Seems that word of the mayor’s remarks reached Trump via one of his followers on Twitter, a fellow named Jeff Schick who posts as @mysteriousLoser. He sent this message to The Donald:

(Nutter used the word ignorance, too, as in “No group is safe from his ignorance and rhetoric.” It appears Schick was using the word to describe Nutter, though.)

Trump gleefully added his own two cents:

And then he added a few more (but linked the wrong Twitter account. Nutter’s account is @Michael_Nutter):

Perhaps the mayor will follow up by making good on his threat to ban Trump from entering Philadelphia? It makes about as much sense as Trump’s plan to ban Muslims from entering the country.

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