Seth Williams Re-Assigns ‘Porngate’ Prosecutors

Will it be enough to quiet critics?

• Frank Fina, (pictured right, behind Seth Williams) who investigated the case and then moved to the D.A.’s office, used op-ed space to challenge Kane to be more forthcoming on her decision. Why didn’t he use his op-ed space — or any public forum — to make the argument for what charges should’ve been brought, and why?

D.A. Seth Williams has reassigned “Porngate” figures in his office, including Frank Fina (right).

District Attorney Seth Williams has for now resisted calls to fire three prosecutors linked in various ways to “Porngate,” the scandal that found state employees were sending and receiving pornographic and/or offensive emails on government email accounts. But, in a memo sent to his staff yesterday and obtained by the Daily News, Williams has demoted Patrick Blessington, Marc Costanzo and Frank Fina.

Fina, the former state prosecutor who Philadelphia magazine wrote “lit the match” on Kathleen Kane’s downfall, goes from special investigations to civil litigation. Costanzo goes from special investigations to appeals, while Blessington goes from insurance fraud to post conviction relief.

Each of the three goes to a lower-profile job. Williams moved the same day City Council passed a resolution calling for the three to be fired. The Philadelphia chapter of the National Organization for Women — once a major ally of Williams — has been calling for their dismissal in a petition (currently at 760+ signatures). Even Milton Street got in on the action when not meeting with Donald Trump.

Earlier this week, Kane announced she was appointing former Maryland attorney general Doug Gansler as a special prosecutor to investigate the inappropriate emails sent to and from government accounts. Fina, Blessington and Costanzo are implicated in the porngate scandal to varying degrees.

NOW did not return a message for comment on the move; the petition seemed pretty clear cut that a firing was demanded. “There is no room for hatred in the halls of justice,” it reads.