WATCH: Man Walking Into Liquor Store Gets Brutal Beating

Do you recognize the logo on the tow truck?


A 60-year-old man walking into a Philadelphia wine and spirits store got an unwelcome surprise: a serious beating by two much younger and much bigger men.

The attack occurred back on August 17th outside the liquor store on the 1300 block of East Erie Avenue in North Philadelphia, just down the street from the Wawa and the Erie Lanes bowling alley.

As you can see on the shocking police video (below), the older man in the white shorts was about to walk into the liquor store when two men came up behind him and absolutely pummeled him as he struggled helplessly on the ground.

Police weren’t able to provide a description of the suspects, but one of them got out of the dark pickup truck seen in the video. It appears to have a large red logo or other graphics along the passenger side.

Here’s a closer — albeit more distorted — look at that truck.

pickup truck

The victim was treated at Hahnemann Hospital for lacerations. It’s amazing that he wasn’t hurt worse.

Watch the video, and if you have any information, contact police at 215-686-3243.