Judge Won’t Release “Porngate” Emails

Says they weren't part of case that led to charges against Kathleen Kane.


On Wednesday, Attorney General Kathleen Kane called upon a Montgomery County judge to publicly release emails from the “Porngate” scandal, saying they were essential to her defense against criminal charges she leaked grand jury secrets as part of a political vendetta.

On Thursday, the judge said no.

Why? Judge William Carpenter offered two reasons on Thursday:

• First, Kane didn’t formally ask for the release. Turns out, calling a press conference is no substitute for filing a motion with the court. Kane, Carpenter noted, “has not filed with me any petition, pleading, motion or other request for Court action.” So there’s no action to take.

• Second: Carpenter says the emails have nothing to do with the case that led to Kane’s criminal charges. “The emails that are in Attorney General Kane’s possession were not introduced into evidence before the 35th Statewide Investigating Grand Jury,” he said.

Kane is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Aug. 24. [Fox 29]