Donald Trump (Really!) Running for President

And the Democratic National Committee has a hilarious response.

Albert H. Teich | Shutterstock

Albert H. Teich | Shutterstock

After years, even decades, of flirting with the idea, Donald Trump — TV star, casino magnate, real estate developer, celebrity — has officially announced a run for the presidency.

NBC News reports:

“Ladies and gentlemen I am officially running for president of the United States and we are going to make our country great again,” Trump said in a rambling speech that went on for nearly an hour.

Trump has decent approval ratings in national polls, registering above 20 percent in a latest NBC News poll from March and is averaging approval ratings that would allow him to stand on the debate stage in August. But the percent of people who said they would never vote for him is above 70 percent, far higher than any other candidate.

Given Trump’s outsized personality, much of the commentariat treated the announcement with mirth. But the best reaction came from the Democratic National Committee, which managed to be most hilarious by playing it completely straight and treating Trump like a serious candidate:

It’s gonna be a classy campaign, folks.