Overbrook High Could Have a Real Biology Teacher by Friday

Some good news comes out of last week's debacle.

Photo by "Smallbones" via Wikimedia Commons

Photo by “Smallbones” via Wikimedia Commons

Last Wednesday, we reported that Overbrook High School hadn’t been teaching biology this school year, because they were unable to find a replacement for their old biology teacher, who left at the end of the previous year.

Then later the same day, we had to run a correction, because the school district — which originally confirmed that there was no biology at the school — informed us that they were wrong on that point, based on a conversation they had with the school’s principal, who assured them that her students were, in fact, learning biology.

That whole mess was followed by three Overbrook teachers coming to us anonymously to say that there hasn’t been one biology course taught in the school all year.

Well, we got the principal and the school district on a conference call on Monday morning to try to sort this out, and we are happy to report that the students of Overbrook could have a real, certified biology teacher as soon as this Friday.

“We’ve had a situation at Overbook that is certainly not ideal,” admits school district assistant superintendent Sean Conley. “Of course we want to provide students with a rigorous biology course, but we’ve had some difficulty hiring a biology teacher. We had some people in the pipeline who decided not to come on board; they didn’t want to relocate. The great news is that due to the spotlight you put on this, we expect to have a biology teacher by the end of the week. And this person actually picked Overbook. They want to be there.”

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