Christie Edges Closer to 2016 Race

Forms political action committee, offering "clearest sign" that he's running.

Chris Christie has started his own political action committee, the latest — perhaps best — signal that he’s preparing to run for president in 2016.

“The launch of the PAC, called Leadership Matters for America, is the clearest sign yet that Mr. Christie is running,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “It allows Mr. Christie to assemble a team of about a dozen staffers and fundraisers who could support a potential run for president, as well as to raise money that can be used to contribute to like-minded political candidates.”

Christie spent the weekend in Iowa, wooing conservatves at the Iowa Freedom Summit — reportedly referring to himself at one point as a “candidate.”

“At that forum, at least seven other potential presidential candidates tried to appeal to the activists who would be key to successful campaigns in the state’s first-in-the-nation nomination contest,” the Journal reports. “Mr. Christie said he didn’t expect Iowa voters to always agree with his stances, even as he sought to prove his conservative credentials on issues such as abortion. Social conservatives have faulted the governor on issues including his record selecting judges.”