Cecily Tynan Busted Her Knee Skiing In the Poconos

She says it went "pop."

With the Great Possible Blizzard of 2015 almost upon us, we’re sure that 6 ABC meteorologist extraordinaire Cecily Tynan would prefer to think about nothing but snow forecasts, but thanks to a skiing accident this weekend, she has a bad knee to deal with, too.

Tynan’s weekend started out ideally for the avid skier and outdoor adventure-seeker, with a trip to Jack Frost Big Boulder. (Sorry, guys, that’s her husband, Greg Watson.)


Note her words: “Fresh, deep snow in the Poconos this Saturday morning! I’m used to skiing on ice.

Well, it was ice that would be her downfall.

Before long, this is what her trip turned into, forcing her to spend the rest of the weekend on the couch with a bag of ice on her knee:


Tynan was scheduled for x-rays and an MRI on Sunday night and a visit to a sports medicine specialist on Monday morning.

As for the snow outlook …

“What a tough forecast!” she writes. Indeed.