Aiden James Releases Video for “Snapshot”

Philly out singer-songwriter Aiden James just dropped a new video on us, a late Christmas present, if you will. “Snapshot” is from his latest album, Trouble With This, which debuted at No. 28 on the iTunes Top 100 chart when it was released in 2012.

To make the video, James took advantage of the recent snow storm in Winnipeg by stepping out to make a li’l video that illustrates the song’s message about cherishing your favorite moments in time. James doesn’t appear in the video once, instead he is presumably the camera man, filming a day in the life with the man he loves. The effect is nostalgia-inducing all the way, evoking those moments when you watch old home movies of people who are no longer in your life.

Check it out above. (Sniffle). You can download Trouble With This and “Snapshot,” here.