NCAA Could Restore Paterno’s Wins

Board of Trustees already clashing over transparency.

 (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

Penn State and NCAA are in talks to reconsider the sanctions imposed after the Jerry Sandusky scandal, according to multiple reports — a reversal that could restore former coach Joe Paterno’s vacated wins back tot the record books.

Onward State reports: “News of a possible settlement broke this afternoon when trustees Anthony Lubrano and Al Lord released an e-mail sent to Board Chairman Keith Masser, which he refused to answer. The two alumni trustees, who were predictably not informed about the details of a potential settlement by the board power circle, wanted more transparency among all board members about settlement discussions with the NCAA. Masser responded to the email in a vague statement — neither confirming nor denying the settlement talks specifically — saying that the “suppositions that [are presented]in your letter are incorrect” and that any settlement possibility would be brought before the entire board.”

You can see the letter to Masser below.

PennLive adds:

Lord and Lubrano said they are acting now – four days before a scheduled board meeting – to prevent a repeat of July 2012, when the original NCAA / Penn State consent decree was executed without review or approval by the full board.

In essence, the alumni – who represent many constituents who won’t be satisfied with anything but an agreement finding the consent decree never held legal weight – said they don’t trust the board majority with this negotiation.

“Though we emphasize with the challenges Jerry Sandusky’s actions posed to you and other university leaders three years ago,” Lord and Lubrano wrote, “the poor decisions made during those difficult times do not excuse today’s behavior.”

Deadspin comments: “If the NCAA does indeed reduce the penalties against Penn State, it will basically complete a process of backtracking on the sanctions that began 16 months ago. In Sept. 2013 the NCAA restored some scholarships to Penn State, and in Sept. 2014 it restored the rest as well as lifted Penn State’s bowl ban. That the main two punishments that have not yet been touched—the $60 million fine and vacating Paterno’s 111 wins—are under consideration for modification signals a near-complete reversal of what were historic sanctions.”

More to come.