Flyer Legend Tim Kerr’s Son Helps University of the Sciences Stun Drexel

U. Sciences' victory was the first road win for a Division II team over a Division I team in 227 games this season.


Garret Kerr | Twitter

Garret Kerr, son of former Flyers star Tim Kerr, hit a three-pointer with two seconds left last night to lead University of the Sciences over Drexel. It’s the first win for a Division II school on the road against a Division I school in 227 games this season. Okay, so the schools are like 15 blocks apart. It still counts.

USP coach Dave Pauley celebrated by giving a quote that doesn’t make any sense, per City of Basketball Love.

“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus,” USciences head coach Dave Pauley quipped, referencing a famous 1897 editorial in the New York Sun. “Really, there’s two plays in basketball – Romeo and Juliet, and Give Garret the Ball.”

Wait, what’s the Romeo and Juliet play? Fake a suicide then score when your opponents are distracted? Eh, it’s better than the Hamlet play (distract your opponents with a ghost).

Kerr, one of the top Division II players, scored 27 points in last night’s win.

Some of the local Division II basketball teams are quite good this year. Philadelphia University beat Division I James Madison in an exhibition this season, and Holy Family just routed Philadelphia U. (Score one for the Far Northeast!)