Philadelphia Jacks: Like A Tupperware Party, But For Your Penis

Their slogan is "We Really Want You to Come!" And, boy, do they ever.

The website for Philadelphia Jacks reads like something you’d find promoting a yoga studio or a Pampered Chef party:

“All of our parties happen in our space on Walnut Street in Center City Philadelphia. Our building number is 1318 and we put a sign on our door during our events, so it’s easy to find. We’re in a huge, private, residential loft space.”

The difference? You’re not buying any Tupperware or doing a downward facing dog. You’re there to beat off … with a lot of other guys.

The organizers for Philadelphia Jacks, who pride themselves on operating since the ’90s and the fact they meet four times a month since 2008, make it very clear: This is not a sex party, nor an orgy. The website claims there is “no oral-genital contact (cock-sucking, ball-licking, etc.), no cum in or around mouths or assholes, and no contact of any kind with anybody’s asshole, including your own. The rules are strictly enforced.” You can, however, masturbate yourself “or as many other other men’s [penises] as you can handle,” kiss, massage, nipple-play, and rub.

In other words, it’s essentially a place where guys can anonymously drop their pants, grab some lube, and wank till the cows come home. And people rave about it.

“I walked in and immediately felt comfortable,” wrote one guest after his first time visiting. “The Jacks staff were all very friendly and helpful. And the cocks! Everywhere you looked there was cock! The patrons were all friendly and everybody was more than willing to let me jerk them…I’ve had a fantasy of 10 or so guys jerking off on me and now it has become a reality! I went out of there with ten mens’ cum on me…It was the hottest 3 hrs. I may have ever spent anywhere!” (There’s another interesting review here that’s worth your time to read.)

So what’s the cost for the “hottest three hours” you may ever spend? It’s sorta free, but organizers ask for a suggested $12 donation at the door (if you don’t have it, they ask you to email them ahead of time, or “talk with the money guy at the party.”) Ironically enough, they claim, “Your donations allow us to keep the Jacks going, and help to provide office and work space for organizations fighting for the rights of people with AIDS.”

And it isn’t just gay men who show up to the parties. As a matter of fact, the organizers make it very clear that plenty of bi and straight-identified gentlemen take part. “We’re all about pleasure, not orientation,” they write. “All open-minded, pleasure-seeking men are welcome. We don’t ask any questions about your orientation. If you’re curious or interested but have never had any experiences with other men, our parties are a great way to explore and enjoy. You’ll need to be comfortable in a room full of horny, excited guys—kind of like a locker room, but with more hard-ons.”

This, clearly, is an interesting fusion between sexual orientation and voyeurism, something that can naturally occur for those who might be questioning their own sexuality, says Dr. Timaree Schmit, sexuality educator and adjunct professor at Widener University.

“There’s any number of reasons someone might want to engage in sexual play in public,” she suggests. “Sheer exhibitionism, desire to watch, curiosity, even entirely separate from attraction to male bodies, which is another great reason to go. For some folks, once you open the door to sexuality they think all bets are off, but there’s a difference between a mutual masturbation space and an orgy, although that distinction might be lost on a great number of people.”

And besides, all that self-pleasure is a good thing, she claims: “Masturbation is awesome, body affirming and a safe way to explore sexuality.”

Potential participants might be asking themselves if all this is legal. The organizers claim the answer to this is a loud and resounding “Yes.”

“Before we started the club we consulted with a lawyer who helped to draft a release we ask each man to sign before he enters the Jacks space, stating that he understands and is not offended by the nature of the event,” they say. “We don’t serve alcohol and we ask members to refrain from illegal drug use in the space. Since our beginnings in the early ’90s we have had NO legal problems of any kind and assume that anyone from the City who knows about the parties understands that we’re providing a valuable service as the only regular, purely safe-sex venue for men in Philadelphia.”

If all of this excites you and you’re looking to get in on the action, the Jacks have four December parties scheduled (3rd, 9th, and 17th at 7:30 p.m. and 21st at 2:30 p.m., perfect for that pent-up post-holiday shopping horniness) and have announced a January 2015 schedule. And, yes, they are also seeking volunteers and donations—everything from porn movies to laptops to bed sheets (“preferably king-size, but queen is OK too”). There’s also the Philly Jacks SoloBuddies Bate Blog, where you can check out some tips before you head on over to play with the boys.

And if you’re nervous, the Jacks give this advice: “With our average attendence of 30-50 hot, horny, friendly men who want to help you to have a good time, you’ll be covered in lube and you’ll have a cock in each hand, some guy is playing with your balls and two guys are taking turns stroking your prick, and this hot man just shot his load all over your chest and … you’re not nervous at all!”

Umm … not so sure about that, but if you say so! At least at the end of this party, you won’t have spent $100 on random plastic storage containers that you’ll lose the lids to in a few months.