90 Pounds of Pot Sent to 69th Street City Blue to Be Destroyed

The Upper Darby sneaker store got a surprise shipment of marijuana via FedEx yesterday. Cops valued the pot at $3,000 a pound.

An unknown person shipped 90 pounds of marijuana to the 69th Street City Blue, Upper Darby police said. The reefer was shipped to the store with a name of someone who doesn’t work there.

“When I opened the boxes and looked inside there was no men’s clothing,” the City Blue manager told NBC 10. “It was marijuana.”

Police said the 90 pounds of marijuana was worth about $3,000 a pound. Average drug prices put an average pound of pot in Philadelphia at $800 to $1,500.

The marijuana was sent to the store via FedEx. A package of 60 pounds was followed by another package of 30 pounds. The marijuana will be destroyed, Upper Darby police superintendent Michael Chitwood said. Police say the marijuana was likely intended to be intercepted by a drug courier before the store was able to take possession. No one has been charged.

The City Blue store manager also told NBC 10 he was going to stick to “lighted streets” on his way home.

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