Tom Wolf Won’t Take State Paycheck

Governor-elect says he'll return salary to state or give it to charity.

Tom Wolf

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Governor-elect Tom Wolf spent millions of his own dollars running for governor this year. So it may come as no surprise he doesn’t need — and won’t take — a salary for his new job.

TribLive reports:

Calling himself a “citizen politician,” millionaire businessman and Gov.-elect Tom Wolf plans to forgo the $187,256 annual state salary when he’s inaugurated.

Wolf said he’ll give the money to charity or return it to the state, depending on what the law allows, The Associated Press reported.

Wolf, who ran his family-owned cabinet manufacturing business The Wolf Organization, refused a salary during the 19 months he served as Revenue secretary in Gov. Ed Rendell’s administration.

Pennsylvania, you might remember, has the highest-paid governorship in the country.