Is Philly Getting Its Own Real Housewives Show?

A producer is in town, but keeping mum.

The Daily News Jenice Armstrong reports that Philly might be on the verge of (finally!) getting its own Real Housewives show on Bravo, freeing this city from the burden of having to claim the stars of Real Housewives of New Jersey as our own.

She reports:

In recent weeks, a producer associated with the Bravo TV show has been in Philly interviewing some of the city’s most successful and glamorous women.

Producer Princess Ann Banton-Lofters wouldn’t name names – nor would she confirm that she’s working on a TV project associated with the franchise. Still, you wouldn’t know it from all of the jockeying for position and tongue-wagging that’s been going on about who’s been contacted.

Just three years ago, it appeared that Bravo would skip Philadelphia as a host city for the franchise.

Last week, Main Line socialites were abuzz over what seemed like an inevitable casting call for, yes, a “Real Housewives of the Main Line”. (“Blue bloods, nouveau riche and career women are invited to apply.”) About four seconds later, though, everyone heaved a collective sigh―some out of relief, some of disappointment―when Dan Gross reported that Bravo all but laughed off the possibility of a Philly-based franchise. “We’re involved in casting all over the country for a variety of projects,” they told him. “This is not one of them.” Sure, the local film company responsible for the casting call might pitch Bravo the show, but, the spokesperson reportedly clarified, Philly ought not speculate that Bravo would ever accept such a project.

Well, then.

So that’s good, then, right? Things are looking up, maybe? All we know is that this is our favorite “real spouse” show that has anything to do with Philadelphia: