Conservative Metcalfe Criticizes Gov. Corbett

"I don’t think he knows how to lead behind a microphone."

Tom Corbett

If you needed a sign that Gov. Corbett’s re-election hopes appear dim — despite Dave Davies’ attempts to resuscitate them — one metric might be this: The number of high-profile Republicans who appear to be throwing him under the bus these days.

Last week, it was Sen. Dominic Pileggi, who said that one of Corbett’s leading agenda items — preventing a severance tax on natural gas operations in Pennsylvania — was a mistake.

This week, it’s Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Butler, who went on the radio Tuesday with conservative host Chris Stigall and faulted Corbett’s failure to lead.

He said that part of the reason Governor Corbett is so far behind his challenger, Tom Wolf, is the poor leadership he demonstrated throughout his first term.

“The Governor took two years before he even came in and talked with the House Republicans in a caucus format. He would’ve been welcomed to come in the first week of his term. I think he does very well behind a desk. I think he was a good Attorney General. I don’t think he knows how to lead behind a microphone, which he’s proven.

The election is November 4th.

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